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UK Tourist Visa

United Kingdom is a hot destination for tourists throughout the year. To visit the UK , you need to get the visa first before you plan your trip , therefore , this article will explain everything how to apply and get the tourist visa for United Kingdom. Home Office is responsible for issuing all types of visas in the UK. The official name of tourist visa for UK is ‘Standard visitor’ visa.

Tourist visa can be used for tourism, business , study for a maximum duration of 6 months. You can stay in the UK for up to 6 months except some exceptions such as medical reasons.

List of activities that are allowed on tourist visa

a) Tourism , for example , applying for holidays and vacation

b) To visit your family members

c) Allowed to volunteers for a charity work

d) Transit is allowed, for example if travelling to another country but want to stay for few days in the UK

e) Some business activities are allowed such as meeting , conferences’ etc

f) short course duration of 30 days , like dance, music course

g) School exchange programme

i) Medical reasons, like treatment of any kind

List of activities that are not allowed on tourist visa

a) You can not work on tourist visa, either paid or unpaid work are not allowed

b) Access of public fund is not allowed, such as you cannot use NHS without paying fee

c) You cannot stay longer than 6 months in one visit

d) You cannot marry or register for partnership, if you do so then you should apply for marriage visa

There may be some countries such as United States, Australia, New Zealand etc. where people may not need to apply for tourist visa but if you are not sure if you need visa or not then you can check on the below link if you need visa.

Different types of standard visitor visas.

  • Standard Visitor Visa- Maximum duration – 6 months- fee around 115 pound
  • Standard Visitor Visa for medical purpose- Maximum duration -11 months- fee around 200 punds
  • Standard Visitor Visa for Academics- Maximum duration -12 months- fee around 200 pounds
  • Long term Tourist visa- 2 years- maximum duration- 6 months per visit- fee around 432 pound
  • 5 years long term tourist visa – maximum duration – 6 months per visit -fee around 771 pound
  • 10 year long term tourist visa- maximum duration -6 months per visit- fee around 962 pound

List of Documents required for – Standard Visitor Visa ( Tourist)- UK

a) A valid passport – validity should be at least 6 months

b) 6 months bank statement showing funds required for the trip

c) Flight travel tickets

d) Hotel / accommodation booking details

e) Travel insurance

f) Evidence of family bond in your home country

g) Evidence of job/ business / other activities that you are doing in your home country

Can I visit my family member in the UK?

Yes, You can apply for tourist visa to visit your family members living in the UK

Can I stay more than 6 months in single visit?

No , You cannot stay more than 6 months in single visit . However , you can visit multiple times in a years if you have short stay , such as few weeks

What is processing time for the UK tourist visa

It can takes up to 3 weeks. You can apply 3 months before your trip.

Can I get married on tourist visa?

No, You cannot marry on tourist visa, you should apply for marriage visa