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Brighton -The most visited beach near London

About Brighton

To start with, Brighton is a coastal area that makes up more than 300,000 residents with neighbouring Hove, . its near the sea with lots of hills along with south downs national park in the north. The city is well known for its positive vibes and off-beat support to LGBTQ+ culture and a large creative and student communities which provide the city a unique spirit..

There are variety of food options that Brighton provides and competing with London with so many young chefs doing exciting things. Nowadays, people don’t prefer to carry packed food from home and more interested in eating outside.

Summer is the most awaited season in the UK which starts from april and last until August. There are many summer The Brighton Festival and the Brighton Fringe which happen during this time including different shows such as comedy to mini plays at different venues around the town. The famous events are Artists Open Houses  and The Great Escape music festival.

Brighton is happening place to live, visit , party and for creative people if you are making a choice to move there. In short, its worth visiting Brighton in summer, missing it a definitely a regret at least for a season.


Picnic at Beach

When you are visiting Brighton, you may don’t want to miss the beach and may would like to hang out with family and friends. Brighton is a pebble beach where you can take sun bath. You can carry some bedsheet or mat so you won’t feel uneasy sitting on pebbles. Have fun and enjoy lunch at the sea front watching the wave hitting the seashore. You can take a short brisk dip in the sea water if you know the swimming and not scared of cold water. Go for a long walk at the beach in the evening and enjoy the sunset view.

There is a piers where you can go there. There are some kids friendly games at the piers so its worth trying these to make kids happy. However , if you don’t like crowd then avoid the piers and stretch near the piers. Instead , go to Hove Lawn or Kemptown which is east of the piers.

Secret places for a nice walk

Most of the time, these hidden nice places are ignored due to famous beach and seashore. But these places have unique characters and storing the best architecture, restaurants, cafes,  pubs and delis.

I would suggest you to start with Seven Dials that is near Brighton station,. It has enrich late night weekend pub and cafe culture. It is surrounded by conservation area that takes to  Brunswick Town in Hove

For shoppes, save some time and go to North Laine before walking to historic Kemptown . There you can enjoy an early evening pint with steak burger, fries. Try out a glass of red wine at very famous family-run pub, Busby and Wilds.

Visit historic Gallery building

Brighton is known for its arts and culture that is fully packed with galleries. Take a hop on and off bus to visit these historic buildings. The most famous gallery is Fabrica that is old chapel. It hosts various contemporary art shows throughout the year. Another big gallery is  Phoenix Gallery which hosts 12 shows free of cost in a year. It has a cool coffee bar, as well.

There are some professional studios which are open up for the public between May and November. Brighton takes part in the Artists’ Open Houses event. If you want to explore the space, go through the novel Dog and Bone Gallery. For museum lover,  Anna’s Museum, a small and compact natural history museum worth to visit.


People often search for where to eat when going outside their home town. Brighton has lots of lovely places where you can find variety of foods from around the world. Here are the some of the best places where you can go and have you breakfast, lunch or dinner including tea/coffee.


There are many cafes in Brighton but Café Rust close to Preston Park is my favourite. It has got a rustic French farmhouse vibes. They do lots of foods such as creamy cappuccinos and heaped plates of smoked salmon. Go for a fluffy scrambled eggs on sourdough. Another one is Cafe Marmalade, That is one of the Brighton’s most unique cafes.


It is always difficult to find the best fish and chips in a different city but Brighton won’t make you unhappy. Oldest place in Brighton is  Bardsley’s of Baker Street which open inaugurated in 1926. The place is small dining hall with full of music relating to Brighton’s vaudeville star, Max Miller. Another one on the east end of Hove is Bankers on Western Road . Preferred takeaway are Wolfies in Hove, and  ‘accidentally Twin Peaks’ fish bar.


Ten Green Bottles 

It is located between a Mexican restaurant and dermatology specialists opposite the library. It’s a small visitor friendly bar , originally set up based on the idea of the enotecas in Italy. You can have a glass of wine, with cheese.


A French cafe-bistro-wine-bar close to the seafront is a great place. It has loud downstairs dining room and a quieter space upstairs. They serve modern French food. Downside is, they don’t allow dishes sharing.

Hand in Hand

A very colourful and happening pub in  Kemptown village.


Wolf and Gypsy


Rainbow Organic Chocolates 

Hi Cacti


Brighton is a tourist city which has no shortage of great hotels for every budget. Therefore, you can decide which one is right for you.



This is the Brighton hotel 


The Oriental 


 a Mexican restaurant by night.


When you go for a private apartment then you will have a kitchen and living room in addition to bedroom. Kitchen is useful when you want to cook or stay in. This option may be better for family with kids as they need more space. Moreover, You’ll save money as this is a cheaper options as compared to hotels. Explore the rental options in Brighton and Hove, especially on Airbnb.

To narrow down your search, look for a places in Seven Dials, Preston Park, Brunswick in Hove and Kemptown,



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